Savory, Bitter and Sweet by Percy

Savory, Bitter, and Sweetwritten by: Percy

review by: Timothy M

This short story about two employees in a law office is like a small box of exquisite chocolate with an elegant mixture of the bittersweet moments of reluctant attraction. Ian, whose POV we follow, is thirty-something and in an open relationship with a man much like himself. However, to his own annoyance he is attracted to Curtis, who he describes as one of those ‘fey, flamboyantly gay, almost girlish men.’ The disdain Ian displays at first is shown by the disapproving descriptions of the colorful clothes Curtis wears and his general looks and manners.

Yet, the encounters Ian has with Curtis gradually make him (and us) view Curtis in a new light and engender respect for his competence and poise. My favorite scene is probably the food flirt – which is not what you might think. The questions and comments from sharp-witted Curtis lead to Ian re-evaluating his life and whether he is actually happy right now. There is no cut and dried HEA, and, like me, you may end up wishing for more. Perhaps one day Percy will take up the tale of Ian and Curtis, but until then we’ll have to savor what’s in well-crafted little tale.

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