Re-read Worthy: Strength of the Pack


Strength of the Pack

by Kendall McKenna

What do you have when you introduce a dominant werewolf and an inexperienced Lieutenant who never received more than the basic training to handle commanding the very different soldiers, much less the strongest, bravest, badassest one in the Marines?  A very intriguing start to a novel! In this society, werecreatures are the norm and not so unusual. That doesn’t mean everyone’s spent time with them.

Lt. Lucas Young is strapped with the command of a bunch of new soldiers, including werewolves for the first time, in preparation for a tour in Afghanistan. He’s unprepared for commanding the one True Alpha werewolf in the military, Noah Hammond, but that’s who he gets. A soldier to his core, a leader who looks out for the wellbeing of all the men under his command, Lucas is torn between finding a way to control Noah and controlling the wild desire he has for the NCO. This struggle is emphasized throughout the entire story as we follow Lucas and Noah as they navigate military missions as well as personal challenges.

I adore this series. Military men… what more do I need to say? On top of that we have shifters with all their wild, instinctive, growly nature. Pair the two, add in various combat situations, full moons, incompetent commanders, and public dominating and marking, and now we have something! Seriously, these guys are H.O.T. hot! But they are in the military, and they are surrounded by insurgents. There is a lot that can, and does, go wrong. Noah and Lucas will have to function as a pair and face them together if they’re going to keep everyone under their command safe.

Seriously, I’d never read any of Kendall McKenna’s work before I picked up this book. What a crime if I’d never found this series! The best part is that, once you’ve read Strength of the Pack, there are 2 more novels and a short novella still to read. I consider the third book to be the very best of this series, and definitely my personal favorite, but that’s a review for another day!

5 Stars

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