Re-read Worthy Free eBook: Lazy Sundays by K-lee Klein


by K-lee Klein

Review by: Alicia Nordwell

While I have a lot of eBooks in my library as well as the vast amount of free fiction available online, there’s just something about free eBooks I really love. I was first introduced to K-lee Klein’s book with a free read event through the MM Romance group’s 2012 Love is Always Write series based prompts with both a written idea and an accompanying picture. I have to say I really like the cover for the eBook, however, because there’s just something peaceful about it. The image definitely matches the sweet vibe in the story.

And that’s just what a reader will find when they crack open this story. Scott’s a geek. Not the convention-going, pointy-ear wearing, flying wizard party type… but a man who likes jazz, a smooth drink, and a predictable order to life. And lists. A lot of lists. Now, maybe that’s boring to some people but I really found a connection with the main character, Scott. I could understand him.

That meant I wasn’t quite as skeptical of why the hotter than hot tattooed McHottie, Devon, could possibly be attracted to someone who is more comfortable curling up on the couch than dancing in a crowd. But there’s an inherent imbalance in the relationship that just doesn’t work for Scott. Sure, opposites attract… but why? For how long? And just what is it that they’re doing week after week when Devon shows up at Scott’s house? How long could it possibly last?

I don’t usually go for stories where a lack of communication really feeds the tension in the plot, but for this story, it really worked. Plus, since the story is only 82 pages long, the drama isn’t dragged out, so it wasn’t  unbelievable or annoying. All in all, Lazy Sundays is a sweet, hot read with realistic and likable characters who click against all the odds. And, as an added bonus, K-lee wrote a follow up short story to Lazy Sundays titled Lazy Valentines that I enjoyed just as much–and also wished could be longer.

4 Stars


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