Online Fiction Re-read Worthy: Montana by MJ Roberts


by M.J. Roberts

Noah lost his parents in his early teens. His brother, Clay, steps up to take care of the family ranch and Noah. Never quite fitting in with the kids at school anyway, Noah retreats even further into homeschooling in the few hours he has leftover from working the ranch. It’s a hard, lonely existence, and the years pass and little changes.

Then the brothers strike on a new plan. They have the ranch, but they need someone who knows more than they do to help them turn a profit. So they advertise for an intern. Kevin rocks Noah’s world when he shows up. For a year or more, he’s been wondering about his sexuality, and the sexy, six-foot-plus college guy confirms his desires.

But how can Noah reveal his desires? Clay certainly isn’t gay, and he has no idea about Kevin’s sexuality. MJ Roberts shows Noah’s coming of age story so well. The story spans years and readers get to see Noah go from young teen to questioning teenager to a maturing young man. If this kind of tale is one of your favorite themes, then you really can’t pass up Montana, or the follow-up story, Montana Winter.

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