Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters by Angel Martinez

Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters

Offbeat Crimes Book 1

by Angel Martinez


**2nd Edition**

shape-34172What can I say? The title really does say it all. Magic? Real. Paranormal Beings? Sinister monsters made of lime green jello? Totally exist. Are they really accepted in society? Weeeell, maybe some of them are. We don’t really get to see a ton of how the general populace feels about the paranormal elements of this world because we don’t really see them. Instead, the story follows the… well, weird. Yep, weirder than the normal witches, vampires, and… well, other unlikely “monsters”—instead we have the off-the-wall types like Kirby… I mean, Kyle Monroe.

See, Kyle is a police officer with the 77th, the Island of Misfit Freaks, made up of the officers that aren’t mundane humans but aren’t quite normal paranormal beings either, like a ghost of a dead officer who refuses to let anyone else make the coffee, a lizard man who doesn’t speak, and a guy who teleport… fruit. Yep, fruit and only fruit. And he’s right up there with them because Kyle sucks up the powers of paranormal beings around him, but he really can’t control it. But he’s a good cop so he does his best for the 77th even if he can’t partner with anyone else already working in his department. So what do the powers that be give him? A new partner, Vikash Soren, who is freakishly in control—all the time. There’s something off about him too, or he wouldn’t have been transferred, but he doesn’t immediately make Kyle spout fire or shove chairs across the room. Maybe it will work out, but when they team up….

Yes, I’m going to leave it there! You can find out a smidge more if you check out the book’s excerpt, but I’ll leave that up to you. As always, Angel Martinez brings a new world to life in the best way possible. I’m a huge fan of her science fiction work, but the quirky nature of this alternative Earth is just as inventive and unique as her alien worlds. Emotion, drama, and danger combine to create sparks that explode, quite literally, in Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters.

Follow Officers Monroe and Soren while they navigate their new partnership as they investigate a string of confusing murders with just a few misfortunate magical events along the way in this hilarious novella by Angel Martinez. Oh, and keep an eye out for Mr. Jacket—he’s my favorite character of all!

Their story continues in Offbeat Crimes Book 2: The Pill Bugs of Time

4 Stars

~ Reviewed by Cia

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