Free Online Fiction: Husband for the Holidays by Project_Amy

Husband for the Holidays by Project_Amy

The ice and cold locking up most of the United States, including my home, had me in the mood for a holiday story even though Christmas and New Years have passed. Considering this is a re-read story I’ve enjoyed online several times, regardless of the actual time of year, I thought it’d be a great story to share. Project_Amy’s has five original stories on, and my favorite has to be Husband for the Holidays.

Preston is a wholesome, clean cut college guy… with a job as a server at an upscale gentlemen’s club. His boss, Carter Jamison, is a handsome man with a reputation. Preston has always flirted–that’s part of his job–but with his boss? No matter how much he’d love to climb into the man’s lap and stare deep into those dark eyes, he wouldn’t dare! But when Preston rushes in to work one day to announce he has to quit, Carter shocks the hell out of him with a proposal.

A tragedy in Preston’s family has left him with two young nephews he desperately wants to give a home, but his life just isn’t acceptable for the system. From his apartment to his job, he’s got to make changes… but he doesn’t have the means. Carter does, however, and he instantly proposes. Literally.

Carter gets the server he’s lusted after since he started working, Preston gets a swank apartment and the means to get custody of his nephews. It seems like that’s all that the offer is between them, but unspoken depths to both their feelings simmer as their new life sweeps them both up into a whirlwind of dreams and diapers.

This story captured me from the beginning. I liked the characters, and while I don’t usually like miscommunication as a problem between the characters, in this story it adds a tension without becoming unrealistic or too tedious to read. Both characters are holding back because of the nature of the proposal being all business… even if it’s anything but. Don’t hold back from reading this story, though, because you really don’t want to miss it!


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