Five Stars for Tantalus by Albert Nothlit

Albert Nothlit has performed a great feat of world-building with his sci-fi novel, Tantalus! In his universe, the average man or woman doesn’t get the chance to leave their world. Good or ill, travel among the stars is just too expensive. Kyle is forced from his home planet after an unfair incident at college, his future hinging on the promise of an apprenticeship on a new planet still being explored by scientists. He expected isolated… but not just one doctor who doesn’t even need him now that his research as been classified by the military.

As you can guess, when the government gets involved in the mix with alien creatures on a planet hostile to human life death is going to occur. And Kyle wants to help Dr. O’Brien learn just what is really happening on Tantalus. But what the truth behind the crisis is far from what you might expect as the plot unfolds, and the true threat might not be what anyone that it was.

Tantalus is written so well I couldn’t help but feel like I was exploring the planet along with Kyle. There is a romance in the story, but it’s kept in the background while the focus is on the rest of the story. The Furballs Dr. O’Brien are non-humanoid, which is refreshing, and their evolution makes total sense based on the planet Albert envisioned for readers. Beyond the aliens we can see are societies long-forgotten and enemies drawing close once again, but the military is so focused on what they think they know it’s almost completely missed. The reveals coming hot and heavy through the book, so we’re always learning something new but each discovery tends to lead to more questions.

I definitely plan to buy book two as soon as it comes out!

5 Stars

~ Reviewed by Cia

Albert Nothlit has several stories posted for free reads on, was recently promoted to Promising Author, and is also a published author. Check out his free work on GA here or you can visit his website.

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