Fish Stick Fridays by Rhys Ford

This time of year the focus often turns to family. For this week’s review, I wanted to share one of my favorite family stories simply because they’re nothing at all like a traditional family… but that only makes them stronger. Even better, the second book in the Half Moon Bay Mystery series is out in just a few weeks!


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Review by: Cia

From page one in Fish Stick Fridays we’re introduced to my favorite character in the story, Zig. Our first introduction to her is that she has a ‘poodle snore’ and that the night-light is nonnegotiable. Then we get the gut-wrenching truth that she was in the foster system and is now with Deacon, the story’s main character, who was once in the system himself. See, Deacon’s sister died and Zig has no one else but Deacon who has decided, no matter what his life was like before or how unlikely he deserves to be her guardian, that he will do right by his niece and make her a home.

In order to do that, he needs a fresh start. That’s a new mechanic shop he’s purchased in a strip mall in Half Moon Bay. The small town just might be their salvation. We’re quickly introduced to a fellow business owner, Lang, who has a bookstore just across the lot from the shop. He’s a far, far different type than the men Deacon has gotten involved with before. He’s a steamed trout with asparagus man while Deacon and Zig are fish stick Friday people. But something pulls them together against all the reasons why a relationship, no matter how casual, would be a bad idea.

Then mayhem ensues. The trouble Deacon feared just might have followed him. He has to deal with cops, and social workers, all while trying to figure out just what the hell is going on in his life as he tries to raise a little girl in a tutu and combat boots whose real name is Bobo–but you better not call her that!

This cast of main characters pulls you in with their very distinct backgrounds and personalities–a bookworm, tutu-wearing, mouth of a sailor eight-year-old, a tattooed hottie with grease under his nails and a heart of gold, and a buttoned up, loafer wearing, fluffy cat owning, well-to-do business owner. And that cat is definitely a character in his own right, alongside other secondary characters like Eli and Abe, Yvonne, and Officer Maddox.

This ragtag group of basically strangers are thrown together in the struggle to make sense of life and, hopefully, make it better. Banishing the loneliness and fear might be easier than escaping their pasts, though. What I love about this story is the hope that they all have. Sure, it’s wrapped up in fears from mistakes of the past, let downs, and insecurity, but it’s there. That tentative hope made me root for the characters to find a happily ever after and kept me glued to my Kindle as danger threatened them.

Fish Stick Fridays is a five-star read with characters who take you along as they struggle to overcome all that life throws at them.

5 Stars

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