Alan Semrow’s Briefs Receives 4 Stars!

This week’s review comes just in time for the holiday with all its demands on our time. Surely you can squeeze in a few minutes for reading, especially once you read this review of Alan Semrow’s Briefs.


Review by Timncalifornia

Here’s a perfect book for someone who’s short on time for reading but craving a quick creative escape.  Alan Semrow’s Briefs is a collection of over 50 short stories, truly brief stories as most are only 2-3 pages in length.  They are perfect for that short, crowded commute on the train or someone looking to grab a few moments to themselves during the holiday rush.  In story after story Semrow offers a little slice of life with characters who are noble and flawed, relatable and incomprehensible.  Whether we are in the therapist office with a teen-age boy who may or may not be suicidal or listening in on the pre-nuptial conversation of two men or witness to the despairing patience and hope of a man coping with his wife’s mental illness, each story is a substantial morsel of life whether poignant or humorous.  Even the stories that bring into relief life’s mundane and downright boring days are never themselves boring. I appreciate that Semrow never trifles with the emotions of his character or the reader.  There is economy and balance in the writing that is just perfect for a collection such as this.

Semrow has a gift for showing us what’s humane in humanity and he does so through the eyes of those from many life experiences, different cultural backgrounds, ages, genders, and orientations.  I’m looking forward to reading more from the fertile pen of Alan Semrow.

4 Stars

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