Red Running Shoes by Aditus

Red Running Shoes

review by: Timothy M

Come meet Jonah, the main protagonist of Red Running Shoes, who is impulsive, irrational and trusting. Not a good combination considering the men he falls in love with. Jonah is betrayed and hurt by his best friend turned boyfriend, and his reaction is to run away to another country for six months. As the story begins, we find him on the verge of running away again, this time to his cousin in Sicily. While he’s waiting for his delayed flight to Europe, he decides to explain the reason to his imaginary friend Zach aka his laptop. This quirky way of telling us the story actually works rather well.

After his first voluntary exile, Jonah returns home and tries to pick up his life. He longs for love but is quite understandably scared of another broken heart. Jonah’s friend Chris introduces him to Ren who is the embodiment of tall, dark, handsome and mysterious stranger. Ren provokes and infuriates Jonah as well as us readers, while we try to work out what game he’s playing. At the same time Jonah has to deal with the fact Chris gets together with Eric, the cheating ex-boyfriend, who’s also acting a bit strange.

Aditus, the author, makes us engage ourselves in Jonah and the people around him. We hope the best and fear the worst, as we alternately laugh and curse over his antics, and the bewildering actions of Ren, Eric and several other characters, including Jonah himself. Of all the intriguing men in Jonas’ life my favorite is the Sicilian hat maker and photographer who plays a crucial role in the story. Give Red Running Shoes a chance and experience the rollercoaster of Jonah’s heart-breaking love story.

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